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Trends in corporate communications

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A study by the Netherlands-based management consultancy firm Berenschot benchmarks the communication of ten large governmental organizations. Even though this research is not directly translatable into the business world , it reveals some noticeable trends which confirm earlier trends/observations made by the same organization:

1. Investment in internal communications continues to grow.

The importance of internal communication to inform and connect people, to create trust and to make them ambassadors is increasingly recognized by the top management.

2. Importance of own content and direct communication.

Because the quality and content of coverage is adversely affected by the impoverished media landscape, creating own content and communicating with individuals directly becomes more important . Subsequently, organizations prefer to create their own content and make it available on their own social newsrooms for further usage by media, bloggers, etc..

3. Increase of demand for strategical communication advisers.

The communication department consists of solid strategical communication advisers with a sense of the primary process and cooperation with other departments increases (mainly HR). As a result, communication becomes more of an integral working communication platform instead of a separate communication department.

4. The 'communicating organization' expands.

The communication department functions more and more as a coach for the ‘communicating organization' and embeds employees in their communication strategy. Consequently, employees become ambassadors and promote the reputation and image of their organization.

5. Integration of innovative technology in the organization.

For better information dissemination, organizations strongly focus on the availability of new and effective digital technology.

How does this sound to you? Agree?

Check the link for the article on the benchmark (in Dutch).

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